Find Android phone without internet

How to Find Android Phone without internet | Android New Feature

Lost your smartphone? If yes then with a new feature you will be able to Find Android phone without internet.

Google will soon introduce a feature called Find My Device which will be able to track the device even when it is offline.

According to a report, Google has hinted at a new Find My Device feature in the recent Play System December 2022 update.

Keep in mind that Google has introduced the Find My Device app a long time ago, this system helps to locate a lost Android phone, tablet or smartwatch.

Find My Device can also lock the phone or delete its data, but the phone needs an internet connection to find the lost device.

But this flaw of Find My Device will be removed with this new feature.

It is not yet clear when this feature will be available to users.

How to use Find My Device?

If the phone isn’t there, you can use Find My Device on a web browser on a computer instead of the app.

For this, first go to and log in with your Google account, on which a window like Google Map will open in front of you.

If you have more than one phone, icons for those phones will appear on the top left.

Clicking on the lost phone among them (if the internet is working on it) will let you know where the phone is.

If the system cannot find the device, it will show its last location.

At the same time, you will also get options to lock the phone and delete data.

Similarly, you will also have the play sound option in front of you, on clicking on which the phone will ring with full volume for 5 minutes even if it is on silent mode.

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