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Apple iPhone 15 Unveils 15W Wireless Charging Support via Qi2 Third-Party Chargers

In a surprising turn of events, ChargerLab, a tech publication, has revealed exciting details about the standard Apple iPhone 15, Apple’s upcoming flagship lineup expected to be launched in September this year. The latest leak suggests a significant advancement in wireless charging capabilities when using non-MagSafe third-party chargers.

Unlike the iPhone 14 series, which is limited to a modest 7.5W charging speed with open wireless charging standards, the iPhone 15 is set to change the game. The report indicates that the next-generation iPhone will adopt the “Qi2 open standard,” allowing users to charge their devices at an impressive 15W speed. It’s worth noting that Qi2 is already compatible with all iPhones, although Apple has yet to officially announce the enhanced charging speed.

15W Wireless Charging

Insiders familiar with the matter have informed ChargerLab that the previous limitations on wireless charging speeds were imposed due to restrictions on non-MFi-certified (Made for iPhone) products. MFi certification is required by Apple, mandating manufacturers to obtain a license in order to produce accessories for Apple devices.

By leveraging the power of Qi2, which is based on Apple’s Mag standard, it is speculated that the cost of wireless chargers could be significantly reduced, potentially to around one-third of the current MagSafe chargers. The substantial cost reduction can be attributed to the elimination of the need for MFi certification. Consequently, third-party wireless chargers will be able to provide full 15W charging inputs to Apple products.

iPhone 15

The introduction of 15W wireless charging support with Qi2 compatibility in the iPhone 15 is expected to offer users a faster and more convenient charging experience, while also opening up opportunities for more affordable and diverse third-party charging solutions. As we eagerly await Apple’s official announcement, it appears that the Apple iPhone 15 will bring exciting advancements to wireless charging technology.

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