Apple Finally Confirms Android Ports for iPhones

Apple Finally Confirms Android Ports for iPhones

It will soon be possible to use one charger for each company’s smartphones

Apple has hinted at changing the charging port for iPhones for the first time, although the details have not been revealed, but it will make it possible to charge every company’s phone with a single charger in the near future.

Apple company officials said that we will implement the new European Union rules that require all new smartphones to be equipped with a USB Type-C charging port from 2024.

During a conference, Apple’s senior vice president Greg Joswick said that we have no other option and we have to follow local laws around the world.

He said that it will be better from environmental point of view while our customers will also be happy with it.

It’s rare for Apple to publicly reveal details like this about future iPhones.

Earlier in 2012, the company replaced the 30-pin dock connector with a Lightning port.

But now, with the European Union passing a law mandating the use of USB Type-C ports for all electronic devices from 2024, Apple will have to change the charging port to sell its iPhones.

When asked how Apple plans to add a USB-C port to iPhones, Greg Joswick declined to give specifics.

During the conference, Greg Joswick dismissed the idea of ​​bringing iMessage to Google’s Android operating system, saying that the company could not invest heavily in it.

According to leaks, the 2023 iPhone 15 series is likely to feature a USB Type-C charging port.

The European Union approved a law in early October 2022 that will require the use of a single charging port for all mobile phones, tablets and cameras in the EU.

Currently, users using iPhones and Android phones have to use different chargers for their devices.

The iPhone is charged with a Lightning cable while for Android most phones now use USB connectors for charging.

This is why Apple will be most affected by European law because it does not use USB ports.

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