Amazing Android Phone Tricks

10 Amazing Android Phone Tricks That Will Transform Your Device to

10 Amazing Android Phone Tricks That Will Transform Your Device to

Smartphones running on the Android operating system are the most widely used smartphones worldwide.

There are many features and tricks in the operating system of Google that most people don’t know about.

Learn about similar Android tricks that will transform your phone.

Enable developer mode

Well, this truck is known to most people but still, it is very important.

For this purpose, go to about phone in the settings of the phone and click on the phone build number 7 times, after which it will be written that you have become a developer.

Change animation speed

Well, newer Android phones are quite fast, but older or cheaper phones have 2 to 4 GB of RAM, which makes the speed of the device feel slow many times.

One solution is to change the phone’s animation scale, which won’t actually make the phone faster, but it will feel like it.

For this, first, enable developer mode as described above, then go to the system in settings and then developer options.

Scroll down there and you will see options for Windows Animation Scale, Transition Animation Scale, and Animator Duration Scale.

Clear app defaults

Many times it seems strange that clicking on a web link in a particular app doesn’t open the browser, like clicking on a YouTube link, tweet or Facebook link opens the app.

But the solution is easy, just go to Apps & Notifications in Settings and click on the app you want to change it in, select Advanced option and select Clear Defaults by clicking Open by Default.

Donut Disturb Mode

This feature is rarely used by many people, although it can be used to mute certain parts of the phone and ‘unmute’ others.

For this, go to Sound in Settings and go to the Donut Disturb option and select your preferred options there.

Map zoom

If you want to use Google Maps with one hand, it is possible to zoom in or zoom out by double-clicking on the screen.

App Pinning

This feature is great for preventing accidental purchases or access to content if your phone is used frequently by children.

This feature needs to be enabled first as it is turned off by default.

For this purpose, enable the app pinning option by going to Settings, Security, and then Advanced.

Then go to the screen you want to pin and swipe up from the middle or follow the instructions of the company’s phone you’re using.

Turn on Notifications History

Many times people accidentally swipe away notifications instead of looking at them, so if your phone has an Android 11 or later operating system, use the notification history feature.

To do this, turn it on by going to Settings, App & Notifications, Notifications, and then Notification History.

After enabling it, you can view the notifications by clicking on History in Notifications.

Battery percentage

For this feature, go to Settings, Battery and then Battery Percentage, turn it on and that’s it, after which you will see the battery life along with the battery icon.

Enlarge apps icons and text on the display

If you find the on-screen text difficult to read, go to Display Size and Text in the Display option in Settings.

There will be options for font size and display size, font size is for making text bigger or smaller while display size is for making everything bigger or smaller, set it as you want.

Enable Guest Mode

With this feature, you can give your phone to other people to use without worrying about them accessing your social media accounts or other important information.

For this feature enable multiple users by going to the multiple user options in the system in settings.

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